FLAT EARTH CONSPIRACY EXPOSED! Rob Skiba Proves NASA Fakes Photos and Videos

8 yıl önce
Rob Skiba exposes NASAs fake photos and videos in order to support a flat earth model. View the entire interview at
The Flat-Earth Conspiracy by Eric Dubay -
The Flat Earth Bible: Debunking NASA in just over 3 minutes (2016 Edition) by Brett Salisbury -
The Flat Earth & Genesis by Gerry Burney -
Satellites are a Hoax & The Earth is Flat (Easily Proven): 2016 Updated 2nd Edition by Brett Salisbury -
Map of the Square and Stationary Earth. 16.5 X 24 Inches -
Genesis and the Synchronized, Biblically Endorsed, Extra-Biblical Texts -
Archon Invasion: The Rise, Fall and Return of the Nephilim (Volume 1) -
Babylon Rising (updated and expanded): And The First Shall Be Last (Volume 1) -
Wisdom From The Torah Book 1: Genesis: With Related Portions From the Prophets and New Testament (Volume 1) -

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