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MIPOSAUR vs ZOOMER Robotic Dinosaur Toy | Pet Dino Fight | HOT Christmas Toys

Surprise Eggs
Watch MIPOSAUR and ZOOMER, Robotic Pet Dinosaur Toys, battle it out for the coolest dinosaur toy. The MiPosaur by WooWee is going to be on many Christmas gift lists this year and we consider it a HOT HOLIDAY TOY for 2015. We give it 4.5/5 stars and it is perfect for ages 8+. But the Zoomer Interactive dinosaur by Spinmaster is still the reigning champion and a VERY COOL TOY!

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How to Say Dinosaur Toys in other languages: jouets de dinosaures, juguetes de dinosaurios, لعب ديناصور, צעצועי דינוזאור, giocattoli dinosauro, 恐竜のおもちゃ, динозавра игрушки, Dinosaurier-Spielzeug.

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