Samsung Quietly Fixes Galaxy Note 5's S Pen Design Flaw: Report

  • 9 years ago
It appears Samsung has fixed the design flaw that was getting its otherwise impressive Samsung Galaxy Note 5 smartphone bad press and furious letters from customers.
The new model of the company's smartphone is said to circumvent the "pen-gate" issue.
Samsung has introduced a greyish white "switch" that allows the S Pen to eject when it is inserted backwards.
The cap is seemingly attached to the motherboard with a piece of adhesive tape.
It is not clear how reliable this solution is though the report claims that the mechanism does it job well.
Last year, several users complained that the S Pen (the digital stylus) that ships with Galaxy Note 5 is getting stuck inside the handset when inserted backwards.
Trying to pull it forcefully, they added, destroyed the stylus detection mechanism, making certain functions useless.