The Long Dark - Keeping Us Occupied

  • 8 years ago
The Long Dark is a first-person open world-survival simulation video game in development by Canadian company Hinterland for multiple platforms. The player assumes the role of a crash-landed bush pilot who must survive the frigid Canadian wilderness after a global disaster. The game received seed financing from the Canada Media Fund, and further funding was secured through a successful Kickstarter campaign in October 2013.

An alpha version was released through Steam Early Access on September 22, 2014. Development efforts are ongoing with regular updates and a full release expected at the end of 2015. The alpha version was later launched on the Xbox One on June 15, 2015 as one of the first two launch titles associated with Microsoft's Game Preview Program. Early reviews of the alpha release were generally positive, and the game went on to sell around 500,000 copies by August 2015