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Shoppies Doll Donatinas Donut Delights Playset Season 4 Exclusives + Mini Shopkins Toy Vi

Cosette Huard
Its the new Shopkins Shoppies fashion collector dolls!!!! Two super cute fashion dolls Jessicake, and Peppa Mint welcome new friend Donatina! She comes with .
Shopkins Donatinas Donut Delights Shoppie Doll Playset with 4 mini donuts and exclusives review by Toy Genie Surprises. Donatina Shopkins Doll is the 5th .
Hi, Paul and Shannon here and we love to open and collect all kinds of toys. This is the new season 4 Shoppies doll by Shopkins. This is Donatinas Donut .
Shopkins Season 4 Shoppies Doll Donatinas Donut Delights Playset With Exclusives Unboxing Toys Video. We are opening up this new season 4 shopkins .