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Minecraft PS4: Nether Portal Spawn Seed (Minecraft Playstation 4 Gameplay)

Minecraft PS4: Nether Portal Spawn Seed is pretty awesome! No diamonds needed, all obsidian provided! This seed is awesome! Seed: Saints Row IV Follow .
Minecraft PS4 gameplay Part 6 - ENDER DRAGON! :D PS4 Minecraft Ender Dragon fight - ENJOY! ○ Minecraft PS4 Part #5 - .
Minecraft PS4 gameplay Part 5 - Hope you ENJOY! :D Want more Minecraft PLAYSTATION 4 gameplay? ○ Minecraft PS4 Part #6 .
Minecraft PS4: Desert Temple in Jungle!? [SPAWN] [SEED] - this video is a wacky spawn! I mean we spawn right next to a temple, thats all good, but the temple .