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6 years ago

Dying Light 'The Following' DLC NEW! Gameplay!

All in At a Place
The first official expansion to a survival action game made by Polish studio Techland in 2015. The add-on is set after the events presented in the base game, and take you to the suburbs of Harran city. Playing as Kyle Crane, a character known from the original, you have to infiltrate a camp of a cult, whose members are immune to zombie bites and can use the monsters to their own means. Driven by the goal of finally getting rid of the plague, the protagonist has to undertake a series of missions to gain the trust of the locals and learn their secrets. Gameplay mechanics remain unchanged, although the add-on is set in a notably vast location (bigger than all maps from the base game combined), across which you can move around in a dune buggy. The creators also decided to give players more freedom when it comes to story-related missions.