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7 years ago

Akbar Birbal Ki Kahani | Birbal's Stew | बीरबल की खिचड़ी | Kids Hindi Story

Kids Stories
Kids Stories
Hey kids have you heard of Akbar & Birbal? Akbar was a famous king and Birbal was the most intellegent and loyal minister of the emperor.

Birbal's Stew - Watch how Birbal finds a man who can stand all night in the freezing pond.

Akbar Birbal stories are an integral part of rich Indian heritage. These are the most popular stories among all age groups that inculcate moral values and virtues. This collection of stories is based on the relationship shared between Akbar and Birbal.

As we all know, Birbal was not only Emperor Akbar's favourite minister but also a minister dearly loved by most of the commoners, because of his ready wit and wisdom. People used to come to him from far and wide for advise on personal matters too.

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