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The Proud Lioness | Panchatantra Stories Collection In English | Part 2

Kids Moral Stories
Kids Moral Stories
"GRANDPA'S STORIES : As the adage goes, "OLD IS GOLD!" This could be true of practically anything; including stories and sometimes also the narrator who tells them. Grandparents are often the love and stability providers for children, and often their stories and narrations go down as the fondest memories for children across the world. GRANDPA'A STORIES is a delightful collection of those magical moments, that makes being a child special, and becoming a child, even as adults, extremely easy.
These stories hold some magic, many magical moments and a meaningful moral for all, thus providing the perfect ingredients for lasting memories."

Grandpa Stories in English Part - 2 includes the following stories:

1. The Tricky Merchant - 00:20
2. The King And The Lazy Subjects - 05:25
3. The Proud Lioness - 10:06
4. The Magical Slippers - 15:04
5. The Lion & Tha Rabbit - 20:08
6. Disloyal Friend - 25:53

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