Pranayam For Stress Relief - Breathing Technique - Treatment, Tips & Cure in Tamil

  • 8 years ago
"Pranayama is a Sanskrit word meaning ""extension of the praṇa or breath"" or ""extension of the life force"". The word is composed of two Sanskrit words: prana, life force, or vital energy, and Ayama, to extend or draw out.

There are many kinds of pranayam such as Anulom Vilom, Bhastrika, Kapalbhati, Ujjayi and Kumbhaka Pranayama to name a few.

The steps for Pranayma are :

1) Close your eyes and relax. Sit in this position for a couple of minutes till you settle down.
2) Close your right nostril with your right thumb.
3) Breath in from your left nostril. Hold the breath for a couple of seconds.
4) Open right nostril and close left nostril with middle and ring finger.
5) Breath out from right nostril.
6) Breathe in from right nostril, close the right nostril
7) Open left nostril and breathe out.
8) Repeat this process again and again.

Pranayama benefits us by bringing relief in conditions like sinus, respiratory problems, and asthma. It is also effective in dealing with conditions like constipation, flatulence, diabetes, and obesity. As Pranayama has no side effects, it is considered to be very effective for weight loss. Pranayama offers benefits in curing most of the internal body conditions and is very useful in releasing stress and anxiety.

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