7 years ago

a cute Japanese tsundere girl with shout out to Mighty Magiswords Kyle Carrozza / NDNC EP10 Japanese Toilets #2

Nami Does Not Care
A CRAZY show about Japan with Nami, a tsundere, funny GIRL with a shout out to Kyle Carrozza, creator of Cartoon Network's Mighty Magiswords. http://www.namidoesnotcare.com


In this episode (ep 10) of the Nami Does Not Care show, Nami and David finish actually talking about a positive experience… Using toilets in Japan! You might be thinking “too much information” by the middle of the episode, but “Sharing is Caring” and “That’s One to Grow On”.

Also in this episode is a shout out to Kyle Carrozza, creator of Cartoon Network's Mighty Magiswords show. Watch the end of EP#10 for video of a Kamen rider arcade game in Japan. David was confused about how it works, since it seems like only 7 year olds play the thing. Somehow it uses plastic triggers you connect to the console and cards you collect as well. CON-FUS-ING!

Kyle is in no way affiliated with the Nami Does Not Care Show and has probably forgotten that this show exists.

Watch the episodes and enjoy. If you have been looking for an insight into Japan, your search is over. The Nami Does Not Care Show offers you a chance to hear unbridled viewpoints from a funny, outspoken and frank Japanese girl and David, some slightly uptight white American guy.

Get a new perspective on life in the land of the rising sun, Japan, and what one little Japanese woman thinks of the world, of you, and of her own culture.

If you are a lover (or a hater) of Japan, Japanese life, Japanese pop culture, anime, manga, or if you just are a sucker for the absurd and profane, sit back and prepare yourself for what Nami really thinks, because Nami does not care.