How to create Social Content Locker in Blogspot - Blogger Like Box

  • 8 years ago
How can we Add Social Content Locker by JQuery in Our Blogspot Blog with Simple Method.How to add Social Plugin.

Today I will share this Interesting and Must Have Widget in Blogger for Bloggers so we can easily increase our followers and Facebook Page Likes.
We will add a Jquery Script so that people who want to see our post or our content which we have made with our precious time.We will Add a Content Locker in which our Social Bookmarks will be added that are Facebook, Twitter and Google+ Pages.
The Reason we Need this widget is that we make posts and many useful tricks for free and people who visit our blog post do not like or recommend our post or page.This is totally unfair for bloggers.We are helping them and they do not even like our pages.So it is now our main need in hour to have such a widget or script so that people like us our pages and so that increase our exposure on social networks too.You may Have tried many Widgets on the Internet but all in vein and with no fruits.So This method will surely work for you just Follow us.
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