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Fun with U41 PtakoJester fully loaded Just Cause 3 funny silly stuff

U41 PtakoJester is the biggest plane in Just Cause 3. You need a big free space if you request it from your Rebel Drop. There are just few big airports in the game map where you can use it.
A lot of fun with this plane. Load it full of trucks and fly.
Note: remember to fix your vehicles inside the plane with tethers, otherwise they will hit each other on turns and eventually will start to burn.
Challenge for you: load heavy tank into U41. Fly over enemy military base and drive tank out when your plane is above the base. Land to the middle of the base on heavy tank and start your destruction.

Have a nice game!

Just Cause 3 walkthrough.
Just Cause 3 U41 PtakoJester.
Just Cause 3 biggest plane.
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