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7 years ago

Top 5 SHOCKING MISTAKES In Bajirao Mastani - Ranveer Singh, Deepika Padukone, Priyanka Chopra

Moviez Adda
Moviez Adda
Bajirao Mastani is a royal magnum opus from Sanjay Leela Bhansali. Audience were gripped with the Peshwa fervor and everyone just travelled the historic lane down to the time of the Peshwas and Mughals with ease and finesse. However as with period films, there were some glaring goof ups which Sanjay Leela Bhansali should certainly have looked into and avoided. This could have given perfection to his hard work and effort.

The Traditional Nau Vari Sarees Worn in Pinga

The Pinga song seems to be a hot topic for controversy. The glaring mistake in the song is the way Priyanka Chopra or Kashibai and Mastani or Deepika Padukone have draped the saree. The Peshwin bai was a very elegant, decent and graceful woman. In those days the saree was an item of display of best wares and not the body. The pallu used to be covered over the shoulder however in the song the Peshwin Bai had draped it like a folk dancer which was not acceptable to a section of the public.

The Haldi Kumkum ritual

The Haldi Kumkum ritual is a very auspicious and matter of discipline to Indian women. Every Indian state has its own customs and in Maharashtra the ritual is a lengthy one. IN the movie, Kashibai and Mastani apply haldi kumkum but not the way it was originally done. There was no application of haldi and kumkum by taking them at the same time in two different fingers. Morever they were standing and taking the coconut while in actuality they have to sit in a particular direction and take the coconut in a pallu.

Wrong Usage of Dialect

The Peshwin Bai is a woman with a lot of confidence and grace. Her speech and style is filled with a charm and elegance. However Priyanka as Kashibai used words like “bavlat” which are more a modern usage of language. This did not go down well with the janta.

Deepika’s Peek A Boo

Why would Deepika show her tights from under the nauvari in a fast motion action in the Pinga dance? Well it happened and this is a genuine mistake and could have been avoided.

Vat Lavli Words

The words vaat lavli are not something that a Pesewa would use however these are the very words which Ranveer Singh used in the song Malhari the victory dance. This is again a faux pas which really was not needed.

All the same the movie was grand so we can best ignore these glaring mistakes and yet enjoy the flick.

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