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Play-Doh Surprise Eggs Lollipops with Toys - Hello Kitty, FROZEN Olaf, Filly etc

Play-Doh Surprise Eggs Lollipos with Toys - Hello Kitty, FROZEN Olaf, Filly etc YouTube Fun Video for Kids, Parents & Families

A lollipop is a type of confectionery now consisting of a sweetmeat of hard candy or water-ice mounted on a stick and intended for sucking or licking.[1] Different informal terms are used in different places, including lolly, sucker, sticky-pop, etc.

Lollipops are available in a number of colors and flavors, particularly fruit flavors. With numerous companies producing lollipops, the candy now comes in dozens of flavors and many different shapes. They range from small ones which can be bought by the hundred and are often given away for free at banks, barbershops, and other locations, to very large ones made out of candy canes twisted into a circle.

Some lollipops contain fillings, such as bubble gum or soft candy. Some novelty lollipops have more unusual items, such as mealworm larvae, embedded in the candy.[2] Other novelty lollipops have non-edible centers, such a flashing light, embedded within the candy; there is also a trend[where?] of lollipops with sticks attached to a motorized device that makes the entire lollipop spin around in one's mouth. In the Nordic countries, Germany, and the Netherlands, some lollipops are flavored with salmiak. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Lollipop

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Other translations for viewers from other countries:

*in Spanish, en español: Play-Doh Sorpresa huevos lollipos con los juguetes - Hello Kitty, CONGELADO Olaf, Potra etc YouTube Diversión video para Niños, Padres & Familias

*in French, en français: Play-Doh Surprise Oeufs Lollipos avec des jouets - Bonjour Kitty, FROZEN Olaf, Filly etc YouTube Fun Vidéo pour enfants, les parents & Familles

*in Portuguese, em Português: Play-Doh Surpresa ovos Lollipos com brinquedos - Olá Kitty, FROZEN Olaf, Filly etc YouTube Vídeo Fun for Kids, Pais & Famílias

*in Norwegian, i norsk: Play-Doh Surprise Egg Lollipos med Toys - Hello Kitty, frossen Olaf, Filly etc YouTube Fun Video for barn, foreldre & familier

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