Frozen - Mystery Minis Vinyl Figure Unboxing - Funko

  • 9 years ago
We show Frozen Elsa & Anna - Mystery Minis Vinyl Figure - Funko Toys - a new YouTube Unboxing Video for collectors, babies, toddlers, kids & families

Elsa, Princess of Arendelle, possesses cryokinetic powers, with which she is able to produce or manipulate ice, frost and snow at will. One night while playing, she accidentally injures her younger sister, Princess Anna. Their shocked parents, the king and queen, seek help from the troll king, who heals Anna and removes her memories of Elsa's magic. The royal couple isolates the children in their castle until Elsa learns to control her magical powers. Afraid of hurting Anna again, Elsa spends most of her time alone in her room, refusing even to speak to Anna and a rift develops between the sisters as they grow up. When the girls are teenagers, their parents die at sea during a storm.

When Elsa comes of age, the kingdom prepares for her coronation. Among the guests is the Duke of Weselton, who seeks to exploit Arendelle for profit. Excited to be allowed out of the castle again, Princess Anna explores the town and meets Prince Hans of the Southern Isles; the two quickly develop a mutual attraction. Despite Elsa's fears, her coronation takes place without incident. During the reception, Hans proposes to Anna, who hastily accepts. However, Elsa refuses to grant her blessing and forbids their sudden marriage. The sisters argue, culminating in the exposure of Elsa's abilities in an emotional outburst.

Other translations for viewers from other countries:

*in Spanish, en español: Mostramos Frozen Elsa & Anna - Mystery Minis vinilo Altura - Funko Juguetes - un Unboxing vídeo nuevo de YouTube para coleccionistas, bebés, niños pequeños, niños & familias

*in French, en français: Nous montrons Frozen Elsa & Anna - Mystère Minis Vinyl Figure - Funko Jouets - une nouvelle vidéo YouTube Unboxing pour les collectionneurs, les bébés, les tout-petits, les enfants · familles

*in Portuguese, em Português: Mostramos Congelado Elsa & Anna - Mystery Minis Vinil Figura - FUNKO Brinquedos - Unboxing um novo vídeo do YouTube para colecionadores, bebês, crianças, miúdos & famílias

*in Norwegian, i norsk: Vi viser Frozen Elsa & Anna - Mystery Minis Vinyl figur - Funko leker - en ny YouTube Unboxing Video for samlere, babyer, småbarn, barn & familier

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