Special Toys & Treats To Care For Senior Dogs - Life In The Dog House

8 years ago
Chris and Mariesa, from the HooplaHa series 'Life In The Dog House' explain to us the importance of special exercise toys, and treats to keep your senior dogs healthy.

A big surprise shows up on their doorstep, a BarkBox delivery for their 8 senior rescue dogs! BarkBox is a monthly surprise of treats and toys your dog will love. The “Life in the Dog House” gang shows that no matter how old you are, all dogs love getting special treats. Show your pooch a little love too! Click on this link: http://www.BarkBox.com/gomrmo and you will get a free extra month on any plan you buy!

Also check out how else Chris and Mariesa are helping senior dogs through The Mr Mo Project! http://www.mrmoproject.com

Video produced by Tracy Chevrier and shot & edited by Johnny Perez.

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