'From East Pakistan to Bangladesh' Part 2 of the short documentary

  • 9 years ago
'From East Pakistan to Bangladesh' Part 2 of the short documentary
India trying to play Mukti Bahini again in the shape of Taliban, message from APS
Talibans are the modern Mukti Bahini terrorists created by India. Talibans are NOT Muslims. According to the teachings of Prophet Muhammad P.B.U.H such people who are Muslims and kill other Muslims by calling them Non Muslims "gets EXCLUDED from Islam". Such Muslims who divert from the path of Peace/Islam, gets Excluded from Islam.
Talibans are the Khawarij of today. Pakistan does not loves these khawarij Talibans. We are the biggest enemy of Talibans. India's spy agency RAW is creating khawarij Talibans or we may say Hindu Talibans to attack Pakistan from Afghanistan just like India did in 1970-1971 via "Mukti Bahini" terrorist wing of about 250K terrorists of Indian Army. Most of the Mukti Bahini were the Indian Army and a few were those who hated Pakistan/Traitors.
Narendara Modi saying that "We were those people who fought to create Bangladesh".
This short statement of Modi is a proof. Pakistan Army and ISI has several proofs of Indian Involvements at the time of 1971 and even now.
Pakistan Army surrendered in 1971. Why?
Pakistan Army is the World's toughest Army and it proved that in 1971 when only 90K Pakistani Soldiers were fighting with small weapons like guns and grenade. Having no Fighter Jets and Tanks to even deal with the coming Indian Enemy Army and enemy from within in the Shape of "Mukti Bahini".
Pakistan Army surrendered after 8 months continuous WAR against the 250000 Indian Army terrorists in the Getups of "Mukti Bahini" hidden in cities. Pakistan Army gets the Salute to had fought with 250K Mukti Bahini terrorists of India and the Indian Army directly from the borders without having Tanks and fighter jets. It was a Great courage that Pakistan Army fought the Indian Army from outside and from within.
Indian Army in the shape of Terrorists "Mukti Bahini" were killing thousands of Pakistan Patriots and those who were against the Indian terrorists Mukti Bahini. Mukti Bahini started killing every Pakistani loyal and left the haters only.
So, India actually launched the civil war in East Pakistan since it knew that in 1965 it could not beat Pakistan. So, it indirectly fought with East Pakistan.
After, the Great Pakistan Army surrendered and 90K soldiers were captured. East Pakistanis and those who were supporting the Indian terrorists "Mukti Bahini" got killed and their wives, mothers, sisters and daughters were RAPED! by the Indian Army in the shape of "Mukti Bahini" which Indian Army and some Bangalis think Pakistan Army did Rape them.
Yet, when international renowned Scholar Sarmila Bose educated from Oxford University came to Bangladesh to know the reality then the truth was opposite.
The Bangalis ask that when Pakistan Army surrendered and was captured, who killed and raped thousands of Bengalis. If Pakistan Army was captured then WHO? The answer was, is and will be simple and same. Indian Army (Mukti Bahini) Killed thousands of Bengalis Pakistanis, the Pakistan lovers, patriots and loyals got killed and thousands of women were RAPED by no one else than the same Indian Army in the shape of "Mukti Bahini".
Indian Army is again playing the same game of "Mukti bahini" in the shape of Talibans. Pakistan Army and ISI is fully aware.
The day when khawarij Talibans attacked APS Peshawar was 16th December when Indian Mukti Bahini created the Bangladesh and they wanted to do that again and wanted to introduce that same fear among the Pakistanis and so finally India thinks of creating/adding states to India or create different states by sending her terrorists into places like "Karachi", Province "Balochistan" and Province KP!
India trys but Pakistan Army will take revenge by creating Khalistan out of Indian Occupied Punjab, Assam, Tripura, Nagaland,Kashmir etc.
Pakistan Army's WAR against Indian dogs khawarij Talibans is very successful and Pakistan has WON it! Pakistan will slaughter the Indian funded terrorists MQM in Karachi the Altaf Hussain terrorist, TTP, BLF, BLA, LEJ etc. Political Party like PPP, ANP will also be hanged.
Now, India must stop introducing Hindu Talibans in Pakistan via Afghanistan borders or ISI can kill whole India in just 10 seconds......
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