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"JFH: Justice For Hire - The Web Series" - EPISODE 2 - Ultra-Realistic Mixed Martial Arts

JFH Justice For Hire ®
THE CLASSIC JFH WEB SERIES, NOW IN DAILYMOTION -- EPISODE 1: "Tales of Nickel: A Fool's Heist - Part 2" - As ordered by Esaya, Nickel embarks on a lone mission to retieve a valuable piece of information, but his wild antics lead to a direct run in with a rival Retribution Team. Based on the critically acclaimed comic book/DVD series. NOTE: The DVD content originally packaged with the comics is now available in the JFH video playlist.

Starring: Gabe Dorado, Jan Lucanus, Max Chen, Glenyss Puentavella, Banyan Williamson-Masuda, Mercer Boffey, and Ian Morgan.

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