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BARBIES BIRTHDAY MONTH Day 23 Barbie Goes Crazy Attacks Prince Hans + Frozen Elsa Dolls

Barbie cleans gross horse poop from Cinderellas Magic Clip Dolls horse. The Disney Princesses all have a wonderful party and eat Play Doh chocolate chip .\r
Barbie goes crazy and attacks Frozen Prince Hans because he forgot her birthday. Disney Princess Anna and Spiderman confront Barbie about not inviting them .\r
Dora and Friends mermaid dolls, The Little Mermaid Ariel and mermaid Sofia The First all try out the Dora Slide & Splash Mermaid Adventure bath toy and the .\r
Barbie is in the hospital on her birthday with 2 broken legs! Barbie goes crazy and tries to escape. Meanwhile, Spiderman has a birthday party at his house and .