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7 years ago

Maye ni Main Kinu Aakhan .. Qurat ul Ain Balouch .. a sufi song

Mukhtar Lyallpuri
(LYRICS, TRANSLATION & VIDEO) I have tried to depict the feelings in this immortal folk song of Shah Hussain which portrays the feelings of a broken down and destitute daughter, Dimple Kapadia ( as Daughter) and Hema Malini ( as Mother), I hope you would like it.

Shah Hussain - a great Sufi poet of Punjabi, through this subtle poetry, describes the feelings of a daughter, who has lost her husband/ love, and telling her mother the pain of separation, as only her mother can feel a similar pain being separated from her daughter. This poetry can be portrayed to describe the pangs of separation of any relation.

Qurat ul Ain (QB) has portrayed her heart wrenching feelings in his melancholy voice for this sufi song.


Mai ni maiN kinnu aakhaaN...
(O, my mother! who should I tell ...

Dard vichhoray da haal ni !
the feelings of my pangs of separation?)

DukhaaN di roti, solaN da salan....
(My bread is my torments, my stew is thorns ...

AaheiN da balan baal ni
I cook it on the fire my moans!)

Kahay hussain faqeer nimana
The Poor beggar- Hussain, says

Shoh miley taaN thewaaN nihal ni
That if I find my desire, I will be prosperous !)

Mai ni maiN kinnu
Dard vichhoray da haal ni