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ASSASSINS CREED SYNDICATE Stuck on loading screen after Escorting Disraeli's Wife back Stuck on loading screen SOLUTION

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Assassins Creed Syndicate Ultimate Issue "Stuck on loading screen after Escorting Disraeli's Wife back" well here is a video of how i did it after playing it again and again its like this do not get engaged in the fight and because you are searching for solutions on the internet that means you have played it a few times well the way on which you go after the fight just went on it before getting in the fight avoid the fight get to the Women's house before she finishes the conversation about that main Templar .
1. Get on the horse as soon as your game loads up (DONT GET IN THE FIGHT AVOID IT).
2.Run it fast take a left,Then take the First right by the time you will reach the end of that street the chase will be over but if its still on take right again well now the chase will be over and she will start talking .
3.get to the REACHING POINT before she finish her conversation. and you will get to the cut scene ,

Thank you for Reading and Watching i will be doing a review of assassins Creed Syndicate shortly so keep calm and enjoy the game and yeah it will be with the glitches .

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