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35x70(10 Marla) Brand new House for Sale on main-road Pakistan Town Phase II, TJ Constructions

TJ Constructions
A property with exuberant interior yet classy front elevation that stands out from it's surroundings. TJ Construction thrives on delivering

transparent dealing environment. Therefore, we provide not just the finished product but also the information on how it was constructed step by


This property consists of:
• Double Unit
• Dimensions 35*70
• 6 Bedrooms (with 16x16inch master tiles)
• Attached Baths
• 2 huge T.V Lounges (With 2x2ft imported tiles)
• Drawing Dinning (With 2x2ft imported tiles)
• Wide Car Porch 2 cars (With Marble design)
• Gas & Electricity

Construction Specific Features:
• Column and beam based structure. Constructed using 1/2 inch full guage steel.
• Main doors of solid ash wood
• Staircase grill made of stainless steel(SS)
• Complete Marble Roof top
• Aluminium Window all around
• All brass door locks used
• Sewerage network built using 6 inch Master PVC pipes fully covered with concrete.
• ICI Matte finish lacquer with wood sealer base on all doors for long endurance.
• Kitchen and Bedroom cabinets covered with UV sheets including attractive wood grains.
• 16 Guage Pure iron door-posts (Chowgath)

Beauty is subjective therefore we encourage our prospective customers to stop by and take a tour of the property themselves.

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