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6 years ago

Batman Arkham Knight [Max Settings]: GTX 970 Turbo 4GB G3258 with Nvidia GameWorks Experie

Batman Arkham Knight Nvidia GeForce Experience includes the max possible settings you can achive in Arkham Knight with my Asus Geforce GTX 970 Turbo .\r
Updated Version of Batman Arkham Knight as the performance as improved. all the Game Works Settings are turned on apart from Smoke and Fog on Max .\r
This is the best settings performance wise on 1080P for GTX 970 1. All base settings - MAX 2. MFAA - On (Via Geforce Experience) 3. Gameworks Rain and light .\r
New September patch Benchmark for Batman Arkham Knight with ASUS GeForce GTX 970 Turbo Nvidia GPU & intel i5 4690K o.c @4.5Ghz List of .