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Adventures of Sherlock Holmes and doctor Watson - Familiarity --- part 0 (2)

Doctor Watson after resignation returned home from Afghanistan — to England. His old friend Mr. Stemford suggested it to rent the room in the house to Baker Street address, 221-b which were handed over by a certain elderly lady — Mrs. Hudson. The second handed-over room was already occupied by other gentleman — Mr. Sherlock Holmes.

The first impression of acquaintance to Holmes was ambiguous. He made difficult chemical experiments with blood, played a violin, had the deepest knowledge about cigar ashes, the London dirt and the criminal legislation, but thus showed a complete ignorance of the accepted truths, didn't read a fiction, and is equal both books on history and philosophy. Thus to Holmes very strange visitors constantly came, and on a table at him stood within portraits of persons of the most disgusting look. Therefore Watson began to suspect Holmes of participation in underworld seriously.

But after a showdown during the boxing duel which occurred at the request of the doctor directly in the house, all fears and Watson's doubts vanished: Sherlock Holmes appeared the private detective.

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