8 years ago

How To Make A Bootable UEFI USB Flash Drive For Windows/Mac/Linux HD

Usman Javed
Rufus is a tiny program which is powerful and is also freeware. It allows you to burn ISO images straight to a USB Flash Drive, which is more efficient and handy. Rufus also supports the new BIOS system shipping since 2014 on wards in majority by popular vendors such as Dell, HP, etc. The new BIOS system is called UEFI. This type usually consists where laptops were shipped with OEM Windows 8/8.1 and the OEM SLIC key is embedded in the BIOS to prevent piracy and automatically skips to enter product key when you are reinstalling. Rufus is capable of managing any type of ISO images whether it is to boot on a Mac, to install Windows or even Linux. This platform is available for both Linux and Windows.

Offical Website of Rufus:
Download Rufus Windows:
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