7 years ago

Extra Gum: The Story of Sarah & Juan

All the feels … and then some! Extra outdid itself with a new commercial for its gum that has the Internet weeping into its collective keyboard.
In the ad uploaded to YouTube on Wednesday, Oct. 7, two cute high school students, Sarah and Juan, meet and proceed to fall in love. As their relationship blossoms and hits bumps over the years — first kiss, senior prom, moving in, fights, separation, and more — the young man marks each significant moment by drawing in a gum wrapper.
At the end, Sarah walks through an art gallery and sees the silver foil wrappers, each framed and featuring illustrations of the major moments of their relationship, culminating with a sketch of the proposal that was about to happen.
As if this weren’t sweet enough, Extra really tugged on heartstrings by scoring the commercial with a soulful version of Elvis Presley’s “Can’t Help Falling in Love” sung in beautiful yearning tones by American Idol Season 10 contestant Haley Reinhart.
Reaction to the touching ad was strong, with viewers expressing their disbelief that a commercial could make them feel so much.