Matargashti Song Review Ft. Ranbir Kapoor, Deepika Padukone | Tamasha

  • 9 years ago
When Imtiaz Ali Deepika and Ranbir are together obviously there would be lot of fun frolic and of course as they say Matargashti. 

Perhaps this is the reason the first Tamasha song was named the same. Check out this song which ‎got released and just dance your worries away. 

For this Jawaani Diwani duo sure tapped the best rhythm in Corsica where the song was shot. 
Ranbir is in a peppier and mischievous avatar and doesn't mind dancing in the middle of the streets and also stands out mimicking Dev Anand ji in the song. 

The trio have really set their heart in the movie and after the song we are only waiting for the movie release. Sure takes a lot to bring out such stuff and when it is from AR Rahman do we have any more to ask for?

Yes the movie has the Oscar winner as the music director and with earlier results if this combo we are ‎sure the Rockstar is gonna rock with PIKU this time again. As for Rahman ji unkey kya kehney!