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Holiday in Egypt Hurghada Red Sea underwater, Test GoPro HERO4 Video HD #6day

Kinder Surprise Eggs
Holiday in Egypt Hurghada. Red Sea underwater, Test GoPro HERO4 Video HD 6day #kindertoy #kinsurunb
Отпуск в Египте . Подводный мир Красного моря. Шестой день !
Red Sea Fish, Подводные обитатели Красного моря
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The Red Sea, (also the Erythraean Sea), is a seawater inlet of the Indian Ocean, lying between Africa and Asia. The connection to the ocean is in the south through the Bab el Mandeb strait and the Gulf of Aden. In the north, there is the Sinai Peninsula, the Gulf of Aqaba, and the Gulf of Suez (leading to the Suez Canal). The Red Sea is a Global 200 ecoregion. The sea is underlain by the Red Sea Rift which is part of the Great Rift Valley.