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9 Surprise eggs superheros batman spiderman superman Чебурашка яйцо Huevo Sorpresa TOYS

We open 9 surprise eggs this time with superheros like spiderman superman batman captain america wolverine hulk...

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Spider-Man is a 33⁄4" action figure line manufactured by Hasbro to be released in early 2010[dated info] based on the comic book counterparts of characters within the Spider-Man universe. While sharing the same simple title of past 6" lines, this is considered a brand new series and not a continuation of previous ones. This line of figures has more in common with Hasbro's animated series action figure lines such as Wolverine and the X-Men in that it is geared more toward a younger crowd of collectors and the figures are not always fully articulated. Many of the figures come with gimmicks such as special armor or light-up eyes.

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