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Remembering 9/11 - Remembering September 11, 2001 with Music.

This is a video that I originally made back in 2010 for the two websites called Blip and WebofCinema which are both now SHUT DOWN. In this video I am talking about September 11, 2001 - 9/11. I am remembering 9/11 - September 11, 2001 and how it affected me, where I was and what I was doing when September 11, 2001 - 9/11 happened by Muslim Islamic Terrorists a.k.a. Jihadists. Everybody please read everything below:

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Dailymotion ~ Upgraded/Remix: Remembering 9/11 - Remembering September 11, 2001 without music.;

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The Religion of Peace ~ Wife Beating is allowed in Islam - Qur'an 4:34 / What Does Islam Teach About... Wife-Beating;

Answering Islam ~ Muslims can Jihad to Non-Muslims - Quran 9:29 / 164 Jihad Verses in the Koran Compiled by Yoel Natan;

YouTube ~ Acts17Apologetics / Top Ten Reasons Muhammad Is Not a Prophet;

Answering Islam ~ The Sins: Fornication, Adultery and Rape of women are allowed in Islam - Qur'an 4:24 / MUHAMMAD AND THE FEMALE CAPTIVES by Silas;

Answering Islam ~ In Islam ALL Black people are to be SLAVES / SLAVERY IN ISLAM by Silas;

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The Lord Jesus Christ of Nazareth from the Holy Bible is both the Son of God and God Yahweh Almighty.

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