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7 years ago

The Most Stupid Laws From Around The World

The Richest
Top 10 Ridiculous Laws that are still in the books today that should definitely be revised and repealed!
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The human race has a love-hate relationship with laws. They are created to help keep the functioning of humanity intact, but they can also be the source of some of our biggest headaches we have ever encountered. Laws have evolved over the course of time to adapt to the ongoing changes in society. For example, in the United States, you couldn’t marry someone from a different race. People would go to other countries to get married, and slowly but surely, interracial marriage was allowed in different states throughout the 20th century before the law was ultimately determined to be unconstitutional in 1967. Today, homosexual marriage, which used to be against the law, is now becoming legal in more states in the USA.
These laws were created upon the idea of keeping the public safe, but there are also some laws that are created after an event happens so that the occurrence never happens again. However, some of these laws are so crazy that you have to wonder exactly what happened to influence the law to be made in the first place and what consequences they brought upon society. For example, in Thailand, leaving the house without underwear is breaking the law. How would law enforcement know this? We’re not sure, and don’t want to find out. Also, you’re not allowed to litter with your chewed gum or speak badly of the royal family. Finally, you can’t drive in Thailand without your shirt.
In Sweden, it is legal to be a prostitute, but it is illegal to use the services of one. You also can’t hit children in any way, so that means spanking is out. Finally, during the long dark winters that hit the country, you’re not allowed to complain about the darkness and wish it were sunny. But Sweden isn’t the only country to ban bad attitudes. Milan, Italy has a no frowning law and people are only exempt if they’re at a funeral or going to the hospital. Given that Italy is the fashion capitol of the world, you’re not allowed to wear polyester if you’re obese, and a man can be arrested for wearing a skirt. Also, it’s against the law to feed the pigeons in Venice, Italy.
In Australia, they seem to only partially try to protect the children. While kids can’t buy cigarettes, it is perfectly legal for them to smoke them. Usually these type of laws would go hand in hand, but in this case, there seems to be only half of an effort. Taxi drivers are also required to carry a bale of hay in the trunk and you can’t change a light bulb unless you’re a licensed electrician.
Finally, some of the craziest laws involve sex. In Singapore, you can’t walk around your house naked because it’s considered to be pornographic. Which means that porn is illegal. Also, you can’t perform oral sex unless it’s a form of foreplay, and homosexuals aren’t allowed in the country.
There’s more craziest laws where these came from. Check out the video for the rest.

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