Tom and Jerry, 11 Episode - The Yankee Doodle Mouse (1943) Hindi/Urdu HD

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The Yankee Doodle Mouse (fragment), is a 1943 American one-reel animated cartoon. It is the eleventh Tom and Jerry short produced by Fred Quimby, and directed by William Hanna and Joseph Barbera, with musical supervision by Scott Bradley and animation by Irven Spence, Pete Burness, Kenneth Muse and George Gordon. Jack Zander was credited on the original print, but his credit was omitted in the 1950 reissue[citation needed]. It was produced in Technicolor and released to theaters on June 26, 1943 by Metro-Goldwyn Mayer.
The short features Tom the cat and Jerry the mouse chasing each other in a pseudo-warfare style, and makes numerous references to World War II technology such as jeeps and dive bombers. The Yankee Doodle Mouse won the 1943 Academy Award for Best Animated Short Film, making it the first of seven Tom and Jerry cartoons to receive this distinction.
Interesting facts:
In older series of shows of on Cartoon Network moment after the explosion, the kettle was excised. In the new shows of, he was reinstated.
Credits replaced in the second edition in 1950 and are shown on television until now.
The phrase Please send is more than cats! Is a reference to the message of the American commander at the Battle of Wake Island Send us is more than Japs!
The Yankee Doodle Mouse won the 1943 Academy Award for Best Animated Short Film.
Gag with Face-Sunflowers will be used in two more series (The Dog House and Safety Second).
Judging from the series Jerrys Diary action to this cartoon happened on July 4th.

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