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You Won't Believe This Illegal Freerunner's Insane Ukrainian...

Welcome to the Moscow Bridge in Kiev, Ukraine. It's 390ft high and crosses the Dnieper river. James Kingston wants to play on it. He had seen freerunners and urban explorer climb this incredible and dangerous bridge on Youtube, so he straps his camera to his head and brings you the amazing POV.

But he's not just climbing, oh no. James hangs his partner in crime, Mustang Wanted, off the side by one arm and then does an insane backflip while standing on the top of a pylon. If he falls either way it's certain death but it's not the fall he has to worry about, it's the police who pick him up at the end.

You Won't Believe this Illegal Freerunner's Insane Ukrainian Bridge Jump | On the Edge, Ep. 1

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Vidéos à découvrir