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7 years ago

Disney Pixar Cars2 Collection of World Grand Prix Race Cars including Rip Clutchgoneski and Lightnin

Ian MacDonald
Ian MacDonald
Pixar Cars and Thomas and Friends Fan presents all of the Pixar Cars Racers from Cars2 by Disney Pixar . The last one we got is called Rip Clutchgoneski, and he was rare and very hard to find. I ended up buying him on eBay..
Then we had to find all the cars at home because we have so many trains and cars, we couldn't find Shu . He was located in the box of Thomas the Train toys, and took over an hour to find. !!

Here is some information about Rip: Rip Clutchgoneski participated to all three World Grand Prix races, as well as to the Radiator Springs Grand Prix. Because of his modest origin from an unknown country and of his lack of titles, Rip was the least popular racer and could be considered the rookie of the competition.

The first race, in Tokyo, was Rip's best performance. He started from fifth position from the back (the best racers started at the back of the line for this race). Although in the first part of the race he was seen near the end of the pack he gained places after the dirt section. He finally got up to the third position, but then, had his motor exploded by the lemons, and was forced to quit the race.

He however was able to recover, and was seen in the Italy and London races. In these races he stayed near or in the last position. In the race in Porto Corsa, he was the last one to crash in the huge pileup, at the same time as Raoul ÇaRoule. He was then in ninth position, however when Rip is seen in Radiator Springs he was somewhere between 4th or 7th position.

Rip appears to be the least popular racer. His die-cast version took time to be revealed, and was the last of the World Grand Prix racers announced. He is the only World Grand Prix racer for which no turntable video has been made. He is also the only one, along with Lewis Hamilton to not appear in Cars 2: The Video Game. It is also a coincidence, since he is the only race car who represents a fictional country...
Getting him finally was worth it, as we now have the complete set, and are
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