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7 years ago

Hong Kong doctor says he took upskirt photos because he was stressed out

TomoNews US
TomoNews US
Hong Kong anesthesiologist Chiang Chi-sum (蔣智深) of Queen Mary Hospital, 34 years old and married, has admitted following a schoolgirl to take upskirt photos last February. He asked for forgiveness after being caught by a patrol officer but then ran away when the officer called for backup. He was then arrested.

Chiang took upskirt photos with three cameras. Police found 14 upskirt photos on one of the cameras.

Chiang asked for forgiveness, saying the schoolgirl wouldn't be affected by the incident as she was not aware of what had happened and that he had worked for years to become a qualified anesthesiologist.

Chiang had his license suspended after the charges and has promised not to repeat his mistake.

Because Chiang appeared sincerely remorseful and blamed his behavior on stress related to his ailing mother, he got off with 18 months' probation and a fine worth about US$26. He will need to follow the advice of his probation officer and seek counseling.


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