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Dogecoin charity Doge4Water raises $30,000+ for clean water in Kenya

TomoNews US
TomoNews US
Since Dogecoin was rolled out last December, it's been a Dogee Doge world as the cryptocurrency has been given away more than it's being hoarded. A perfect example happened last week when someone donated 14 million Dogecoins to charity.

As of Sunday afternoon, one Dogecoin was worth $0.00083. Reddit and 4Chan users frequently tip each other hundreds of thousands just for kicks.

Last Friday, an anonymous benefactor going by the name Hood (@savethemhood) donated 14 million Dogecoins via Twitter to Doge4Water, a campaign looking to provide drinking water to parts of eastern Kenya. The non-profit group is looking to build two wells for clean water in the Tana River area of eastern Kenya. The campaign was started by Eric Nakagawa, the creator of lolcat-hub I Can Has Cheezburger.

The generous act pushed the total donations to 40 million Dogecoins, or about $33,000 at current exchange rates. Hood's donation has been referred to as the largest Dogecoin tip in the cryptocurrency's three month history.

On March 14, Hood tweeted, "I am here for the greedy. Taking the crumbs and spreading them to those in need." He also added that the Dogecoin community had 'pure intentions' and he wanted to help out.

Dogecoin founder Jackson Palmer said this latest effort by the Dogecoin community showed how much could be accomplished with cryptocurrencies.

The Dogecoin community has already shown itself to be charitable by helping out the Jamaican bobsled team and a trio of Indians get to Sochi. Where my Doges at? PayPal better watch out.


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