8 years ago

World’s first human head transplant: Surgeon says possible scientific breakthrough is just two years

The world's first attempt to transplant a human head will be launched this year at a surgical conference in the United States.
The procedure begins with doctors cooling the patient’s head and the donor’s body so their cells do not die during the operation.

After the neck is cut through, major blood vessels are linked up using thin tubes, and the spinal cord cut cleanly with a sharp surgical knife to minimise nerve damage.

The head is then moved on to the donor’s body, and the spinal cords can be fused together using polyethylene glycol to encourage the fat in cell membranes to mesh.

Once the neck is sutured, the recipient will be kept in a coma for three or four weeks while implanted electrodes provide regular electrical stimulation to the spinal cord.

Finally, when the patient wakes up from the coma, they will be able to feel their face and speak but will need a year of physiotherapy before they can walk.

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