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6 years ago

North Korea vs South Korea: Kim Jong-un fires 2 missiles before US-South Korea military drill

TomoNews US
TomoNews US
North Korea fired two short-range missiles into the sea on Monday, in possible protest at the annual South Korea-U.S. military drill which it says is provocative and pushes the two Koreas toward war.

North Korea has escalated its rhetoric in recent days, saying that South Korea and the United States ‘should be dealt with only by merciless strikes’.

Two short-range missiles were fired from the western city of Nampo on Monday, according to the South Korean military.

The missiles travelled around 500 kilometres before falling into the sea off the eastern coast.

The missile test was conducted as the annual South Korea-United States joint military exercise began. Around 200,000 South Korean troops and 3,700 American soldiers are involved in the drill dubbed Foal Eagle.

North Korea has conducted three nuclear tests since 2006, but analysts believe it is unlikely for North Korea to carry out a fourth one protesting the annual military drill.


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