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9 years ago

Get UNReady With Me! | My Bedtime Routine

Before I start listin' away I just wanted to say to all of the people who have thanked me for something that you guys help me every day with your love and suggestions. This comment section is so full of love, realness and positivity which is hard so come across in this day and age, it is everything I could ever ask for and more in a community of people. So thank YOU, you guys mean the world to me.

1. What I eat before bed:
Started off at Golden Aura in Kitsalano for some mostly raw, vegan foodies!
I had the symbiotic slaw, raspberry kombucha and famous veggie sandwich! My boyfriend described it as the "best healthy food I've ever had!" hehe. I don't typically eat out on an average night, but if I want to get a good nights sleep, lighter, more digestible food is better.

2. What I like to wear:
My big robe, thanks mom!

3. My cleanser and exfoliant:
French Green Clay Konjac Sponge with Juice Beauty Blemish Clearing Cleanser on top, the Niko organic cleanser is optional, I just use it because I have it. I really enjoy the way the sponge exfoliates. I do throw in an oil cleanse every couple of washes!

4. Toner:
Tone with diluted apple cider vinegar, the konjac sponge is alkaline, so I throw something acidic on after so the results are not short-lived! Remember your skin's acid mantle!

5. Favourite eye cream:
I use the Pai Organic Skincare Echium Eye Cream, I absolutely butchered the pronunciation haha!

6. Best all-around moisturizer:
I use avocado oil all over my face, the brand I use is Olivado

7. Bed time drink:
My herbal tea is made from lemon balm herb, linden flower, chamomile flower, lavender flowers, passion flower and skullcap herb. It tastes great and it really helps me sleep, I am prone to anxiety so it's a great thing for me!

8. Midnight snack:
Brazil nuts, cherries, blueberries, sautéed mushrooms and carrots with pepper

9. Winding down:
I put on a record! I picked Either/or by Elliott Smith! My favourite song on it is Between the Bars

10. Right before bed:
Brush my teeth with Jason toothpaste, don't forget to floss, I just use any old floss around the house, no preference!

Question: Do you still do the oil cleansing method?
Answer: Yes, but only a few times a week now. I had no issues with the OCM, but I like trying now things. I also prefer to switch up my skincare to something that feels lighter in the summer! I have very oily skin and no air conditioning, so anything that coats my skin rather than instantly removes feels uncomfortable in the summer!

Comment: Rantau Abang Terengganu
Answer: Hell yeah!

Question: I can't find the konjac sponge for 5 dollars, only for 10.
Answer: I'm an idiot, I must've not noticed it was on sale because I can't find it for 5 dollars anymore either. So so sorry.

Question: Will my acne scars go away?
Answer: If your skin is anything like mine, they will (if they are in the form of hyperpigmentation, my acne changed my skin texture but did not leave any big indents). Take good care of your skin and body, find gentle products, fruit/veggie masks and oils that your skin loves, and the pigments will fade over time. Be patient, some of my scars went away after a few weeks, and some took a few years to completely go away.

Question: Isn't it the worst thing in the world to eat before bed?
Answer: I believe that is a myth that has been debunked by scientific evidence, I could be wrong though. Your body would continue to digest things even if you were hanging upside-down, peristalsis is not contingent on gravity, and neither are the enzymes that break food down. That said, I prefer eating very light before bed because I sleep better if I don't have a full, grumpy stomach!

Question: What temperature of water do you use to wash your face?
Answer: : Lukewarm!

Love and light,

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