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Smokey Eye Tutorial | Smokey Eyes | Smokey Eye Makeup | Smokey Eye Tutorial for Beginners

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Smokey Eye Tutorial | Smokey Eyes | Smokey Eye Makeup

Hi friends and welcome to another " Beauty and the Boutique makeup tutorial ” video with me: Katie, professional makeup artist, stylist and founder of https://www.beautyandtheboutique.com

So today I’m gonna show you how to do a smokey eye with just 2 makeup products and your finger.

I’m gonna teach you my 9 top makeup artist tips to creating a smokey eyes. It’s so simple to follow, even if you’re beginner, you too will be able to achieve this.

So I’ve searched high and low to find 2 makeup products that I know are gonna work perfectly for you, so no matter the colour of your skin and eye colour these 2 products are gonna look amazing on you.

Both these products are available as a smokey eye makeup Duo on https://www.beautyandtheboutique.com

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It's so easy you don't even need makeup brushes just your fingers! This is one smokey eye tutorial you are going to find as easy as ABC!

Enjoy love, Katie x x
Loving founder of https://www.beautyandtheboutique.com/

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Here's what I say in my Smokey Eye Tutorial For Beginners:

Before you create any smokey eye, one of the best thing you can do is to create a really good base on your eyelid, so to do that you’re gonna place a concealer or foundation that matches your skin tone over the tops of your lids and up to the brow bone. Then you’re gonna get some loose or some set-off translucid powder and press that over the top. And what that’s gonna do is to ensure that you eyelash it doesn’t crease and stay on new day.

Before you start your smokey eye, I always say apply your lipstick first. The reason I say this is because by applying your lipstick first you’re gonna discover better how much eye lash your lipstick will take. For example, if you’re gonna wear a multicolor you can make your eyes more dramatic. If your lipstick is not so bright or it’s quite dark then you may find you need to do less eye shadow.
So put your lipstick on first and it will give you a better barometer to judge how much eyelash to apply.

The first thing that we’re gonna do, and this is a step that you can miss out if you want, is to get in line the upper water line, so that it’s inside the water line and not the up eyelid. This makes such an incredible difference to how voluminous your lashes look.

Warm up any pencil at the back of your hand and blend it a little bit before you do this.

Use your little finger to give a little stabilization to the pencil, and that just makes the application much much easy.So I put my little finger on my cheek, and I go back and forth. Just go as far as you can, I only go ¾ of the way in using little back and forth motions as a part of one fluid line is gonna much much easier.

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