8 years ago

Testicle Jokes: Shayla Rivera Jokes About Testicles! - Stand Up Comedy

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I've got a good testicles joke for you guys. I mean, my testicle joke may not be as good as Shayla Rivera's because her testicles jokes are great, but I have a pretty good one. You guys ready for this testicle joke? If quizzes are quizzacle, what are tests.......difficult. I told you it wasn't as good as Shayla's testicle jokes, but oh well. In this bit, Shayla discusses some funny jokes about testicles. In her jokes about testicles, it revolves around Guys gone wild...I also call those frat parties. I was watching the discovery channel, and I realize human guys have joke testicles. Other species have huge testicles, and ours are joke testicles. They are so small compared to those of the Tuberous Bushcricket who has testicles up to 14 percent of their bodies...what do crickets need to do with that much semen??? They just put us males to shame. I've got another testicle joke for you. What did the right nut say to the left nut? Glad I'm not the dick in the middle...if you didn't laugh, the joke was either not funny, or they are jokes testicles would understand. Jokes testicles understand are jokes only about testicles. I don't know, but all I know is Shayla tells way better testicles jokes than I do, and that she tells jokes that testicles understand as well as humans. For more hilarious stand up comedy, and to increase your daily funny, please subscribe to StandUpBits!