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Condominiums Built For End Of The World

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Dubbed Survival Condos, these luxury living quarters are located underground and can house up to 75 people if a global disaster occurs.

The fear of the apocalypse or other global catastrophe occurring has scared people for centuries. But now, if the world is meant to end, there's a condo complex built to withstand it.

Named the Luxury Survival Condo, the facility was originally constructed as a nuclear ballistic missile silo in Kansas and comprises 2 underground buildings including one 14 stories tall with over 54 thousand square feet of space.

Reaching 174 feet deep, the tall structure offers two different types of units.

Full-floor ones are 1,820 square feet and can accommodate ten people, while half-floor units are 900 feet and can house five occupants.

Units range in price from $1.5 to $3 million, and not only have they all been purchased, there's also a waiting list.

Developer Larry Hall is behind the project, and he's already working on a second condo complex.

While the silos Hall is using are meant to withstand a nuclear bomb, he didn't forget to include all the amenities normally seen in an urban high-rise.

The complex has a pool, a dog park, a gym, a spa and medical facility. Each unit also comes fully furnished and is equipped with stainless steel appliances.

A five-year food supply for each person is also included, and water is supplied from purified well and rain water.

The building will run on electricity produced by a diesel generator and wind turbines,

It's possible that other decommissioned nuclear silos could be converted into condos, and other Doomsday shelter options are also available, albeit not as luxurious.