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8 years ago

Retro Flowers ✿ Symmetrical Flower Drawing Technique! ✿ (How to do easy nail art designs)

Prachi Agrawal
Prachi Agrawal
Retro Flowers Symmetrical Flower Drawing Technique for How to do easy nail art designs ★ Subscribe -


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And, well also, here the is music which is totally royalty free. A latin dance based tune for this new prachi agarwal nail art video, that you see here that is for prachi agarwal nail designs like as a superwowstyle nail art channel for nail art prachi, it is here

The music is hackbeat, By - kevin macleod
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This is here what one can say and all is a very easy look that on here is by done for to form what is once and for all a retro nail art look that one and any girl and woman can wear and do and be like there to enjoy on her nails for retro flowers nail art is just one thing that is like ever so really much just so cool type and for a symmetrical flower drawing it is simply just the best of all that ever can be.

Here what you see if a very simple and easy to do look. Then once you have done it like I show here and for all of you pretty girls to do, you can try other colors also apart from blue as there are so many colors on of here and for all of us to try and have fun with too!

Like I have also shared here on in here in this look and in the video here, before drawing, so here is that we are using black color for the base. So how that works is the black will not allow the colors like blue to pop. So the flower drawing technique here that we have used is that you first paint them in white and then paint blue color shades over this white, once the white dries. That way the colors of the shades of blue will come out very well and be so nice and pretty for all to do and enjoy and that is the best thing when it really just so happens to work out really.

To learn how to do easy nail art designs keep watching here, as I upload on a regular basis and I would love for all of you to come here and keep a watch on what it is that I am up to and as I always say, to know the latest in the fashion world of nails. Here you can do very quick and easy looks that are easy and cute at the same time and then what will happen is that when you do them and people see it, they will think you did it at a nail salon! Just do it in a neat way to get that kind of look, it really is very easy to do and to get done really. Also keep in mind that it is up to you how you want to modify it and show it on your own nails. Much will vary and change a lot depending on the size and shape and also the width of your nails! So do try out these and let me know how this look worked out for you as we all love and it is also a very trendy look to do Retro Flowers Symmetrical Flower Drawing Technique for How to do easy nail art designs!

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