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8 years ago

You Don't Tell, I Won't Tell ~ Trailer

Film Gorillas
Film Gorillas
Comedy / Faith Based / Family / Urban (2006) 80 mimutes ~ Color

When William Jones, his wife Sally and best friend Skeeter (Don 'DC' Curry) sit on the porch next to the Living Stone Community Church, their three perspectives on the lives of the church folk who attend the Living Stone Community Church is the most hilarious discussion of folk church ever told. Sweet Nave Sally Jones sees and speaks only of the innocence in people, William Jones speaks of the member's short comings and failures, while his best friend Skeeters who's been listening and collecting the real stories of many of the church members from his barbers chair, tells it all.

Director: Lenore Faith

Stars: Don 'DC" Curry, Gary 'Lil G' Jenkins, Dexter Tucker

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