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8 years ago

Football Player Prays In End Zone, Gets Cited For Excessive Celebration

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Chief’s safety Husain Abdullah was cited for excessive celebration after dropping to his knees, sliding, and praying in the end zone.

In the September 29th game against the Patriots, Chiefs’ safety Husain Abdullah intercepted the ball, got it to the end zone, dropped to his knees, slid, and prayed.

No doubt everybody rooting for the Chiefs was excited about the touchdown, but the sliding and praying that happened immediately after didn’t thrill the officials.

Abdullah was cited for excessive celebration.

Since, it’s been much debated whether it’s the gliding on the knees or the religious expression that resulted in the 15-yard penalty for unsportsmanlike conduct.

Said Abdullah, "For me, I just got a little too excited. I think it was for the slide."

Others are not convinced that the penalty didn’t have anything to do with the religious aspects of the act, particularly because the player is Muslim.

It’s been pointed out that others have been permitted to express thanks to God in an obvious fashion on the field. For some it’s even become a trademark of sorts.

Since, an NFL spokesman has announced that the penalty was erroneous and no fines will be levied.

It was also clarified that religious expression that takes place on the ground is not subject to being flagged.
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