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7 years ago

Entrée à la Nouvelle Vague - What to Watch Before You Die

Anyone who’s serious about cinema should make sure to watch Breathless (À Bout De Souffle) But so should anyone who’s a fan of documentaries, reality TV, fast-paced action thrillers, or YouTube videos. Subscribe -

Find out more about Breathless, and where to watch it here:

Have you seen Breathless? Are you as big a fan of French New Wave as Mackenzie is? What’s your favorite film? What other movies, cinematic movements, or genres would you like to see on future installments of What to Watch Before You Die?

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It’s hard work, keeping up with all the great movies that are on everyone’s must-see lists. You know there are dozens (or hundreds) of flicks that might be considered “best of all time” by someone.

CineFix is here to help you out! We’ll be breaking down the classics old and new, letting you know what’s really essential and why. We’ll cover the great genre movies, the films that shaped a generation, and the movies that changed the face of the entertainment industry. As well as movies that are just plain awesome.