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7 years ago

Anjali Dwivedi Leaked Nude Pics | Truth Behind The Pic

Bollywood Masti
Bollywood Masti
Uh oh! Who doesn’t love a nude photo scandal? Right now, the answer to that question is definitely Anjali Dwivedi!
The Telugu actress was shocked when she found her obscene photographs on twitter. Obviously, who would not! The pics were posted under a fake profile name and she has filed a case with the police.
She reportedly got a call from one of her friends who informed her about the fake profile. Anjali was told that her nude pictures were posted on that account and liked by other users. Do you think someone was trying to cash in a major photo scandal?
Maybe we guess so! No matter what the person who posted the pics tries to tell everyone, these latest photos of Anjali certainly tell us that she is definitely not happy!
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