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Google Chromecast http://amzn.to/1nfYxh7

In order for the Google Chromecast to work you have to ensure that it is connected to the same network as your IOS or Android device. Once that has set up correctly you should see the Chromecast logo on the screen and some home screen apps to start with. As highlighted in the video you smart device is your remote and it does not need to stream media for it to work. This independent stream comes from the cloud and not your smart device.

The Google Chromecast is powered by USB but it also comes with a separate adapter in case the one on your TV is not working or there isn't one at all. Google has expanded their streaming services since they launched the Chromecast thus giving you a lot more options to choose from for your entertainment.

The Google Chromecast will save you power on your smart device's battery unlike the Apple TV service that makes you mirror streaming on both TV and device. You save battery because your smart device power save/sleep while the Chromecast is in use.

All in all the Google Chromecast is a huge work in progress and is one of the best options for on-line streaming media.

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