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Dr. Strange, Ant Man, Thanos AND The Infinity Gauntlet!! - CineFix Now

Lots of news out of the Marvel Cinematic Universe today/this week. We're gonna talk about it all! Subscribe:

Doctor Strange is going to be a thing (previously hinted at in Cap 2), directed by Scott Derrickson, a guy best known for some horror flicks. So... Cue the the casting rumors...

The Ant-Man director search appears to have narrowed down toe Rawson Marshall Thurber, best known for some comedy movies like Dodgeball and and We're the Millers.

Guardians of the Galaxy rumors abound, but Josh Brolin is confirmed as Thanos. And it maybe might be a fairly substantial role.

Which of the upcoming Marvel movies are you the most excited to see in the coming years? Any of these films you're more dubious about.
Let us know in the comments!

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